Learn 2 Row

Learn 2 Row is a one day class designed for anyone who has never rowed and is interested in learning the basics before registering for an extended program.

Program Structure

Classes are held on Sundays from 9a until 12p

For the first hour you’ll be on land. There you’ll spend about 30 minutes learning the basic stroke and proper technique on our Concept2 rowing machines. We then move down to the boats to learn the basic commands you’ll hear on the water, boat safety, how to handle the oars, where your hands should be and how to feather or square the oar blade.

The next two hours are spent on the water! There you’ll learn what to do when you’re not rowing, how stable the boats are, how to keep them level and finally how to row in groups of 4.

For groups, a private Learn 2 Row program can be set up at anytime by contacting Fountain Point Resort at info@fountainpointresort.com.


After completing a Learn 2 Row class, those interested in continuing are encouraged to join our adult beginner program. There you will learn the form, technique and drills needed to row with other members in an 8 person boat.


Fountain Point Resort
990 South Lake Leelanau Dr., Lake Leelanau, MI
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What to Bring

  • Water bottle.
  • Athletic clothing you can easily move in – matching weather conditions. Because this is a one day class, there is a chance we might need to cancel and reschedule due to weather. Please check the email address you used to register on the morning of your class.
  • A towel and change of clothes in case it rains or you want to go swimming after practice.
  • Sunscreen!

Upcoming Dates & Times

If you have a group 8, call us at Fountain Point Resort or email us at rowing@l2row.com and we can schedule your group for a private Learn 2 Row!

Spring 2018 
Sunday, April 30, 2018
Sunday, May 7, 2018
* Dates are subject to change due to ice on the lake. *

Summer 2018
Sunday, June 4, 2018
Sunday, June 11, 2018

Fall 2018
Sunday, August 6, 2018
Sunday, August 13, 2018

**Please email rowing@l2row.com to register. ***

Participation Fee


Cash or checks made payable to “Lake Leelanau Rowing Club” may be turned into the Fountain Point Resort office prior to the start of class.


All participants must sign and submit our waivers and release of liability forms in the Fountain Point Resort office before being allowed to row.