Adult Rowing

Adult Rowing Structure

The Lake Leelanau Rowing Club hosts a number of different adult groups including cancer survivors, friends & family members, general community members, special interest groups and corporations with programs for both recreational and competitive rowers.

There are two ways for adults to enjoy time on the water and extend their rowing lives at the Lake Leelanau Rowing Club: 1) Sign up as an individual for a public Learn 2 Row row class offered at the beginning of each season OR 2) Sign up as a group for a private learn to row lesson by contacting to schedule a date and time.

Rowing in an 8 is not only an intimate experience but also takes place in a vulnerable environment; the possibilities for team building with colleagues, recreational joy with friends and neighbors, healing and recovery from physical or psychological illness and competition for high-performance athletes are all without limit in the sport of rowing and especially on Lake Leelanau.

Group programs can be structured around the schedule of the group and typically occur on the same day and time each week during a season. To form a group there must first be a “boat captain” whose primary responsibility is to select the other members of the crew based on shared athletic goals and objectives and a firm schedule.

For crew members whose schedules are more challenging, the club has a deep reservoir of subs eager to fill an empty seat on an 8 with enough lead time. All members are responsible for filling their seat if they can’t attend a scheduled practice. Please ask a currently registered member rowing on a different day to fill the seat using our FaceBook group.

Regardless of the route of entry into the club, the core of the adult program is the “Home 8” that rows once per week. For adults who want to row more than once a week, the “Home 8” can schedule as many weekly rows as it wishes, or the club has access to a large fleet of small boats including fours, quads, doubles and singles that are only accessible to adult members of a “Home 8.” It’s very common that four rowers from the same 8 or from different 8s schedule a second row of their own each week, 2 rowers in the same or different 8s may schedule a third row in a double, one may schedule a fourth row in a single, etc. A few of our members even row seven days a week if weather permits. The registration process is simple in that first a crew is formed, then the captain requests a boat and coach (by emailing; then the crew registers for their weekly row on the day and time they’ve agreed.

Sculling Program

For adult rowers who are interested learning to scull, we have a 5-row program that will take you from sculling a four, to a double, and finally to a single. Please contact the office at Fountain Point Resort to schedule your private lessons.

5-Row Learn 2 Scull: $250


Volunteering is an instrumental part of our continued success. There are many tasks our members are expected to help with including: cleaning boats, docks and the boat house; rigging boats in the spring and taking them out of storage; assisting with the home regatta, routine maintenance and set up of new equipment or racks; de-rigging boats in the fall and putting them in storage for the winter; other equipment or facilities related tasks as needed.

Member Run Committees

As a non-profit organization, much of what we do is led by our board and run by our volunteer committees. Our continued success depends on having qualified volunteers who are willing to assist with administrative and organizational tasks. We’re looking for volunteers to join our fundraising committee, communications committee, safety committee and merchandise committee. If you’re interested in joining, please contact one of our board members for additional information.

US Rowing Membership

Having a US Rowing membership is required for all rowers to be covered by our insurance plan and to be registered for regattas.  This is not registration for the rowing program. A link to register is at the bottom. Returning rowers with a previous US Rowing membership will simply need to renew it and sign the insurance waiver once per year. New rowers without a US Rowing membership can easily sign up on their website. A basic membership is all that’s needed, but we recommend looking at their Championship Membership. It comes with additional, personal liability insurance to cover you on the water at traveling regattas, discounts at many rowing related retailers and a monthly subscription to US Rowing Magazine.

New Rowers

  • Enroll as a new member
  • Enter our club name: Lake Leelanau Rowing Club
  • Enter our club code: GHA9K

Returning Rowers

  • Login and sign the waiver
  • If prompted, enter our club name: Lake Leelanau Rowing Club
  • If prompted, enter our club code: GHA9K

Season Dates

Spring Season: April 17th – June 11th
Summer Season: June 19th – Aug 13th
Fall Season: Aug 21st – Oct 29th

Days & Times

  • Monday thru Thursday
    • Mornings: 7:00a – 9:00a & 9:00a – 11:00a
    • Afternoons: 3:45p – 5:45p
    • Evenings: 5:45p – 7:45p
  • Sundays
    • Mornings: 7:00a – 9:00a & 9:00a – 11:00a
    • Afternoons: 3:45p – 5:45p
    • Evenings: 5:45p – 7:45p

***Please plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. Our address and a link to Google Maps is at the bottom of the page.

Available Regattas

Summer Season:

The Grand Regatta & Midwest Juniors Recruiting Regatta- Grand Rapids, MI – June 24th & 25th
Michigan Club Invitational – Ann Arbor, MI – July 22nd

Fall Season:
Fountain Point Classic Adult Masters Regatta– Lake Leelanau, MI– October 28

What to Bring

  • Water bottle.
  • Athletic clothing you can easily move in – matching weather conditions. Aside from high winds or thunderstorms, we’ll be on the water.
  • A towel and change of clothes in case it rains or you want to go swimming after practice.
  • Sunscreen!

Adult Participation Fee

2017 Summer Season: $160 per scheduled program
(one coached group row per week for 8 weeks)

2017 Autumn Season: $200 per scheduled program
(one coached group row per week for 10 weeks)

The recreational program  focuses on improving technique while enjoying the beauty of Lake Leelanau.

Program fee includes: one night of rowing per week, lake access, Fountain Point grounds access, coaching and rowing shell fleet of 8+′s, Concept 2 rowing machines and weights for indoor training.

***Fee does not include US Rowing Membership nor regatta registration, hotel costs, uniforms or food at traveling regattas should you want to compete.

The Rower’s Handbook and Waivers

We recommend all parents and rowers review our updated rower’s handbook and history, tips & terms documents before registering. All participants must sign and submit our waivers and release of liability before being allowed to row.