Who We Are

Lake Leelanau Rowing Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving the Greater Grand Traverse area and all Northern Michigan communities. We offer recreational adult and high school competitive rowing, sculling education and sport. On the grounds and lakefront at Fountain Point Resort, Michigan’s oldest waterfront resort, and a national historic district, rowers and scullers travel from all over the state, region, and country to experience and enjoy Lake Leelanau’s 20 miles of idyllic and highly varied waters.

Learn More About the Club

Middle School Saturdays – 5 Saturday morning sessions 9am-11am beginning May 11, 2019

Get Started

Learning to row is easy with our progressive structure. It all starts with a Learn 2 Row class. You will learn the basics of the rowing stroke on a rowing machine, how to get in and out of a boat and spend about two hours on the water rowing with others. After the Learn 2 Row, our Adult Beginner program will help improve your rowing skills and get you rowing all 8. The next step is to join our Adult Rowing program to expand on the basics and enjoy the beauty of Lake Leelanau. If you're interested in becoming a more advanced rower, we offer a Skills & Drills Drop-In class and High Performance Summer Camps & Clinics.